For the Greater Green - Oct 5th 2018

"For the Greater Green" will be hosted at the Living Waters Farm in Hillsboro Virginia on Friday, October 5th beginning at 10:00 AM.  The Living Waters Farm is committed to keeping Loudoun County beuatiful by doing their part to promote green practices and they lead by example every step of the way!  For example, FREE Living Waters water is offered to all community residents as a way of discouraging the use of plastics in the county.  There's nothing like saving money AND the environment all at the same time!

Attendees will learn about what role each one of us play in worldwide environmental issues...we're either part of the problem OR part of the solution!  You'll learn a lot about water and what we need to do to protect it, and THEN you'll learn about food!  But we won't just TALK about healthy food,  we're going to TEACH you how to build your very own HOME HYDROPONIC SYTEM so that you can grow healthy food in the corner of a room (or other space) all year long!  


Registration fee includes lunch!

For the Greater Green - Oct 5th 2018
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