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Environmental Kids Light Test Kit
Environmental KidsLight Test Kit

It's important that parents and childcare providers understand the battle for healthy children. Toxins are THE ENEMY and we can't continue to solely blame immunizations for our massive problems! Much of our troubles begin with H2O. This flyer is...

Sometimes the simplist demonstrations are the BEST! When we use pH drops we offer a great visual difference in water. When we use an ORP meter it generally takes a LOT of explaing for the average person to "get it". But it doesn't take the...



Living Waters Farm Event 2018 Organic Pet Newsletter
Living Waters Farm Event 2018Organic Pet Newsletter

Join us for the Living Waters Farm Event 2018 Spring Celebration May 5th & 6th!

If you're interested in pursuing Veterinarians and/or pet owners THIS IS THE TOOL FOR YOU! Printed on 80lb glossy paper - front side is filled with compelling pet care "stories" - the back is an invitation to sample water. Just add your...



Replacement cards reflecting price increasing on Ukon, the Anespa and the Leveluk R as of 2017. Simply remove the outdated cards from your wheel and add the new! Water Awareness - DIGITAL ACCESS
Replacement Cards PRICE UPDATES Product WheelWater Awareness - DIGITAL ACCESS

Replacement cards for the Product Presentation Wheel reflecting new pricing on Ukon, the Anespa and the Leveluk R as of 2017. Simply open the ring, remove the outdated cards and replace them with the new!

Isn't it time for you to have digital access to quality business products that can EASILY be shared from your computer, your tablet and your cell phone? The time is NOW and the first product being made available to you is this Water Awareness...



What To Look For in a Water Ionizer Company UPDATED Product Presentation Wheel
What To Look For in a Water Ionizer CompanyUPDATED Product Presentation Wheel
It's NEVER a good idea to "trash" your competition! Enagic has a 44-year jump start on all others and nobody can compete with our longevity, our quality, our or our USA sales and serve. This glossy flyer is double-sided and it addresses the...

This product presentation "wheel" is the perfect solution to offering your prospects a visual of all products on-the-go. Cards are 8.5 x 5.5 high gloss card stock. Front side is the name and...



I BELIEVE - downloadable version "Messages from The Front Porch" - Motivational Series   (1 each)
I BELIEVE - downloadable version"Messages from The Front Porch" - Motivational Series (1 each)

This 6-minute video is a powerful intro for any meeting. It's compelling, it's direct and it's designed to impact the viewer. Order your downloadable version today! After you complete your purchase you will receive a password to access the video...

Inspired by ongoing requests for replays of training calls, I've decided to make them available in CD format so that you can tune-in from the office OR on the go in your car! Each CD will have a small collection of recorded calls and they will be...




This 6-minute video is a very powerful introduction for any meeting. It's compelling, it's direct and it sets the pace for your presentation. This is a very popular tool! Order your DVD's today!